Engineering firm
Alex Kosakowski
Consulting in electronics

Electronic system design
Schema design and PCB design - (digital and analog electronic)
High frequency electronics
Sound electronics
Signal treatment
Sensors and their compensations
Servo technics
Laborations with advanced electronic instruments
Calculations in Octave and Matlab
VHDL programing, FPGA design(Xilinx and Altera)
Altera Max II and Max V design
Xilinx CPLD design
Xilinx Spartan 3 ISE designing
Xilinx Virtex 5 and Virtex 6 design and migration
Xilinx "Microblaze" Spartan 6 - EDK designing
Xilinx "Zynq" SoC system - Vivado
C# programing for tests
Electromechanical design in 3D och 2D
Prototype manufacture
Project management

Geotronics AB - Electronic design
Ericsson AB - Electronic design
Trimble AB - Digital and analog design

Geodetic Autotracker (US patent nr. 4712915)
IMS Furnace lining control
Distance measurement instrument (patent 14828033.2-1812)
Super accurate angular measuring system
DXC switch for phone traffic - hardware
Atmospheric sensors (....non mechanic wind sensor etc.)
Electro-Optical receiver signal treatment and analys
Sound amplifiers and mixing
Sensors ambient temperture dependence chamber
Xilinx "Zynq" SoC - "Zedboard" prototyping
Complete electronic product design and successfull CE compliance
Developing NEW music instruments
Place of work and some projects:

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The simplest unit in the series.
Active functions: Angle and
Rotation measurements in
various formats, 5 volt for the
sensor, single ended sensor
inputs. No index input.
Most advanced unit in series.
Active functions: Angle and
Rotation measurements in
various formats, pulse multiplication and logging.
5 and 10 volt for the sensor,
single ended sensor inputs.
Index, Alarms, Autozero,
voltage and current monitor.
ALPHA Superior

2017-07-21 Beta test impressions...

I had the opportunity to be a beta tester for Alpha Basic (angle and rotation meter) due to my experience in CNC machines and electronics. It is a well-developed product with simple installation of both hardware and software.
I tested the software in win7, win8 and win10 environment and no issues with drivers or GUI where found. Documentation where easy to follow and left nothing in doubt. The hardware seemed to be as accurate as the installed encoder, but one precaution shall be mentioned here, donít use high cogging motors in combination with optical encoders that cannot handle the vibrations. UTD Innovations where very helpful with everything and it will be interesting to see that comes up next on their new website. Maybe a SDK for developers that wants to include this product in a larger system.

Claes Ekengren
Electronics Designer

2017-10-19 Rework results...

The issue with cogging motor in combination with incremental encoder became interesting question for me.
After series of different solutions and consultation with Claes Ekengren, I developed a VHDL algorithm which worked very good with stepping motors. I asked Claes again to test the system as hard as possible. This time the results of it was perfect: the system worked correctly even with step motor in resonance.

Alex Kosakowski
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